Sunday, April 29, 2012

Ludum dare 23 competition !

My first game jam happened last weekend.
It was tough, it was relentless, it was 48 hours to make a game from scratch.

I think I survived that pretty well: slept 8 hours per night, ate properly, pet my roommate's cats on a regular basis... Beside I was able to finish the game: if you know everything it takes about 15 minutes to finish it, it has an actual ending and has sounds and musics (very bad ones for the latter).

It's an action platformer (for a change), I didnt want to take risk on my first jam. Game's basically a cross in between Abuse and Pokemon set in a heroic fantasy world.

Some stuff went wrong though: the difficulty gets a bit too high, people are confused as to when they can capture monsters and respawning is way too fast making captures tedious / frustrating.

Here's my entry:

Biggest drawback is that this intense game creating competition burned me a bit on creating games for a few days so I took a break :S
New stuff soon !

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