Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Ladies and gentleman, yo.

Trying to do a mix of painful / fun stuff to make for the game.

In the fun section I did a first pass of the title screen !
In the painful one, I converted all the controls to work for keyboard, qwerty / azerty and for the xbox 360 controller. Couldnt test the last one because the xbox wireless for windows is a piece of trash that I am sending right back to Amazon. Will test when I get a wired one.

On other notes a first pass of the basic tutorial is done. After testing it on a few victims friends it appeared even the tutorial level was TOO HARD for those poor souls so I reduced the difficulty a bit.
Also tweaked some controls on their notes. In general feedback is pretty good especially for the graphics.
I have more technical and boring stuff to work on this week and one huge thing I want to try to get done soon is the two player mode.


  1. looking cool cant wait to try it out again!

    1. Yay! I can send you soon a playable version; It only contains the tutorial level though so its only 2 minutes of gameplay.