Sunday, January 22, 2012

Back from oblivion

Well that was a long week of vacation... but I'm not quite dead ! I've done a few stuff on the game over the last 2 weeks. Not much that could be seen in a screenshot but most of Star's animations have been optimized and some like the aiming up completely redone. Finally separated his sprite in two for the walk & shoot animations. Overall his animations feels smooth enough now and he's looking jumpy and psychopathic the way I wanted. Corrected a few movement bugs too.

Done coding Star's arm aiming at different direction when he moves.
Also he can now blow his trumpet after a spin jump. Maybe I'll make him able to perform it as well with a normal jump.

The only move missing is still the flag, otherwise I think he is probably 80% coded.
Bunch of animations left like the 3 kind of bombs.

Ftagh'n !

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