Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Yet more ways to blast minions

5 new weapons.

- Megashot (spread shot level 3. Very wide multi shot)
- Monster missile (missile level 3. Very strong single shot)
- Plasma Wave (level 2 spread / laser. My new favorite weapon of the game I think. Short range sonar like weapon that slows down ennemies and bullet alike by 50%. Very fun for the crowd control aspect.)
- Plasma Wave v2.0 (level 3 spread / spread / laser. Same as above but better range and strength.)
- Spread mines ( level 3 spread / spread / missile. Spreads mine all other the screen, pretty fun too!)

Started doing some rebalancing of the various weapons but I ll still have to retweak everything a lot.

6 Weapons remaining and then all the weapons of the game are done !

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