Tuesday, March 8, 2011

About 50% done on the Police basic mob. He can walk, shoot, crouch, shoot while crooching ( Fancy!), die and fall off platforms while dying. I started working on his Panic mood, he can already get the Tense mood though.

What are the "moods" ? Ennemies in the game can change mood depending on your actions.
Most creatures have the following 3 moods:

-Default: creature acts normally.

-Tense : Achieved by finding the creature's weakness ( exemple: for the policeman, any bullet coming near him will scare him ). Still acts normally and the Tense effect only lasts a few seconds.

-Panicked: Achieved when Star blows his evil trumpet right in the face of a Tense ennemy! Panicked ennemies act differently depending on the type of ennemy. Some will run away, some wont. When panicked, they are defenseless and take 2x damage.

There's also a couple more special moods for a few creatures that happens under specific conditions such as getting irritated ( increasing its agressivity ).


  1. Ah! Really looking forward to this!
    Loving the dynamic and complex gameplay, while still keeping the arcade feeling in the game.
    Gotta play this :)
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks buddy !
    I hope to keep the gameplay simple enough to play while adding replayability ( finding new ennemies' weakness) and complexity in background for hardcore gamers.
    Getting some ennemies to panick will be rewarded in your score at the end of the level for exemple.