Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A late resolution

Welcome to Insert Coins PLZ, a blog about a blob and his games!

What is this blog gonna be about ? Well mostly about the development of my video game projects.
I am starting this to try to force myself to work on my game on a regular basis, my resolution being to update this blog with something new in my game around once a week. No more excuses, I have abandonned way too many projects in the past.

What is the project ?

Modestly titled, "The Universe is MINE!" is a retro run & gun game mixing elements from classics like metal slug, contra and gunstar heroes. Set in the present, the game puts you in the control of the insane & hysterical alien "Star" who just escaped from an outer-space jail. Claiming the whole universe as his, he goes on a personnal war against the world, fighting any resistance and putting a flag with his face on anything worth claiming ( or not ).

This is a video of the previous build. It contains 5 weapons, 1 ennemy type and a few moves like the evades.
A new version is in process with new moves for the hero, bug corrections and the actual beginning of the 1st level. The main game will have scrolling and wont have infinite ennemies like the small test from the video.
My current goal is to have a playable 1st level in 4 months, let's see how that goes...


  1. Preum's de tout le blog!

    C'est rare une etoile de mer, héros d'un jeu!

  2. Trofort !
    C'est cool tout le monde reconnait que c'est une étoile malgré le fait qu'elle ait 6 branches et non 5.